A reflection on the age of wild ghost by erik mueggler

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The Age of Wild Ghosts: Memory, Violence, and Place in Southwest China

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The Age of Wild Ghosts : Memory, Violence, and Place in Southwest China

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In Erik Mueggler's powerful and imaginative ethnography, a rural minority community in the mountains of Southwest China struggles to find its place at the end of a century of violence and at the margins of a nation-state/5(2).

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May 03,  · News Release Wick Press(sm) Denver, Colorado January 3, In January, Wick Press acquired the rights to publish a two-volume anthology of rare ghost stories originally published in s and s periodicals.

The Age of Wild Ghosts is an ethnography of a set of mountain villages which make the Zhizuo community in Southwestern China. The main portion of the text focuses on the ts'ici system, which can be described as community obligation of hosting outsiders--often government officials/5.

Mueggler, Erik. The Age of Wild Ghosts: Memory, Violence, and Place in Southwest China. Berkeley.: University of California Press., Mullaney, Thomas S. “Ethnic Classification Writ Large The Yunnan Province Ethnic Classification Project and Its Foundations in .

A reflection on the age of wild ghost by erik mueggler
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